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Top 5 Biggest Success Factors For Self Made Billionaires

Top 5 Biggest Success Factors For Self Made Billionaires

It was after my first “real job” in college that I became a real student of success and wealth. A few days after graduation, I found a job and lived in a completely different city.

Self-employed business Billionaires?

It was a good experience, but something was missing. Good money … a lot of money. The work was paid to me according to current market rates for new graduates. However, I was convinced that they would not pay me enough.

After four difficult years with nasal itching, I had to go outside, shoot and earn real money. But it did not happen.

As soon as I got my first hand, my dreams were disappointed.

Let’s say that this first salary has nothing to boast about.

Maybe you can say that?

It took me only a few weeks to get a small compensation from the Fortune 500 company I worked with and realized that “this was not what I went to school for.”

At this point, I decided to learn how to start earning real money. Then I became a student of success and wealth. I focus all my attention on what many other self-taught billionaires have done.

And to my great joy, what I have learned so far was worth it.

Discover the Biggest Success Factors of Billionaires made by you

These are studies that took place in these years of postgraduate school that I learned more about wealth and wealth. The knowledge that I think every young person should know if he would ever like to join the ranks of other Billionaires who have produced themselves.

So how to use these ideas?

Having a solid foundation of knowledge to build wealth and become one is one of the most important things you can do to begin to achieve the success you seek. Use this advice as the basis for your continued success.

5 Biggest success factors for self-proclaimed Billionaires

Here are some of the main Biggest success factors that everyone agrees with:

1. Self-made Billionaires are honest

One of the best books on creating wealth is “The Millionaire Mind” by Thomas J. Stanley. Stanley talked to hundreds of billionaires to decipher their secrets and earn millions. And besides the list of Biggest success factors that most billionaires gave away, honesty was the most important thing.

The idea was that if you want to create wealth, you will do it through people. He must be able to do business with people and through them. Is the most popular company that supports it and looks like this: “People only do business with those they know, love and trust.

If you’re dishonest and no one trusts you, it’s hard to do business, make partnerships, and make arrangements. Maybe even impossible. So the first rule you have to go to become a billionaire by you is to be someone in your word. Be honest

2. The self-taught Billionaire cultivates self-discipline

The Biggest success factors that stand out in all of the literature I’ve read is related to self-discipline. After reading the book after the book about success, the quality of success that I saw over and over again was self-discipline.

Almost all billionaires who have become or are successful have argued that without self-discipline they are far from being successful just like today.

Billionaire magnate Robert Kiyosaki also said: “Self-discipline is the most important deciding factor among the rich, middle class and poor.

Therefore, do the exercise to become a more disciplined person every day. Because if so, he will put himself in a place to be successful and rich, which he really is looking for.

3. Self-made Billionaires work harder than most people

Many sports and entertainment titans claimed that the only way they could achieve the fame they had found in their careers is a direct result of their ability to work harder for most people.

Study any highly successful person and you will find out that it is true. If you look at the ethics of Michael Jordan’s work, you will notice that he was older than his peers. If you had the opportunity to attend the late Steve Jobs, you noticed that he too had the talent to be intransigent in his search.

The same applies to most self-proclaimed billionaires. They do what others do not like and usually work harder than the competition. In this way, they prepared the stage for their final success and earned a lot of money.

4. Self-made Billionaires have a passion for what they do

You feel it all the time, follow your passion, follow your dreams. More often than not this feeling is shared as a way to find happiness. However, a handful of successful and wealthy people have praised the importance of loving what you do to succeed.

Warren Buffet is known for the fact that people who find their passion in life are the happiest. He made this statement because he believed that when people find their passion or what they like to do, they usually end up doing it very well.

In our competitive society, this means that if you do not love what you do, you put yourself at a disadvantage against those who do it.

And a person who loves what he does has a better shot and eventually does what he loves best.

Steve Jobs once said: “The only way to do a great job is to love what you do”.

He also believed in the principle of passion.

These two titans of success have believed in the importance of having a passion for what you are doing.

So if you really want to find a way to become self-taught, make sure you love what you do.

5. Self-built Billionaires know how to adapt to the market

We have determined how important it is to do what you love if you want to be rich once. It must be said, however, that one must be able to adapt to the market.

If what you like is creating art, but the interest in your art in your market is small, you have to adapt. If you do not do it, you will not earn money. And if you do not make money, you can not become a billionaire who did it alone.

Therefore, the best way to adapt your interests to the market is to keep true your real interests, but also to ensure that your business or art is flexible enough to take into account the interests of others.

If you like to create art, but no one wants to buy it, they must consider doing the art that people want to buy. It’s a small sacrifice, but it’s necessary if you want to stay in business and make money by doing what you love.

In short, follow your heart. But make sure your customers are interested in buying what you sell.