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Top 5 Best Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs

June 23, 2020

Top 5 Best Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs

productivity hack for entrepreneurs

Do you ever seem to be invaded?

You’ve built a business, but your workload is accumulating and you can never seem to complete the tasks set up on a given day.

Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs is a lifesaver. In fact, if you’re not doing what I’m going to mention in this article, I really doubt you’re so productive first!

5 Higher Productivity Hack for Entrepreneurs

The following Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs include some impressive principles that have been explained in books like “The Four Hour Work Week.” If you are not using these, then you should start right away!

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Here are the first 5 strokes of productivity Hack for entrepreneurs:

1. Have a morning routine and stick it

“YOUR FIRST RITE which you make during the DAY ritual is raised HIGHER, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind and context definition for the REST of your day.” – EBEN PAGAN

In Hal Elrod’s book, “The Morning Miracle,” he attributes his $ 200,000 bounty to debt with a small change in lifestyle: getting up early and building a morning routine in your day.

A morning routine prepares you emotionally, physically and mentally for the challenges of the next day.

The truth is that most of us not only wake up to feel more power-hungry and ready for the day. But when your morning routine becomes a habit, it creates a level of certainty that helps you to be productive, no matter what happens in your day.

It’s the helm of your ship that helps you reach your destination, no matter how many waves and obstacles you have to navigate.

Hal Elrod’s routine includes meditation, exercise, reading, and affirmations. Eben Pagan adds a pint of water and even a superfood shakes. Tony Robbins has 10 minutes to be grateful for what you already have, and 10 minutes showing the life you want, as you already have.

2. Take the hardest thing first

“If your job to eat a frog is better to do it early in the morning and eat your job if two slots, it’s better to eat the bigger ..” – MARK TWAIN

In Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog” cuts the central thoughts of sovereign productivity: decision, discipline, and determination.

The key point is that the first task is to do the day, whether you are distracted by emails or writing a great presentation, is for the day.

The brain is more open to affect the first hour of the day and the hour before going to sleep. Use these moments to your advantage, plan your most important activities the night before and think about any problem you can try to get rid of.

After your morning routine, immerse yourself in your most important task without distractions.

A good way to make sure this is done is to put your phone in airplane mode until the first task of the day is done.

3. Use the 60-60-30 technique


The 60-60-30 technique turned out to be the most productive way to start the day as an entrepreneur.

These are two 60 minute sessions, followed by a 30-minute break, with a 10-minute interval between each session.

So …

50 minutes
10 minutes break
50 minutes
10 minutes + 30 minutes rest
Now you can see how this productivity system meets, put your 2 most important activities in these sessions every day.

Next, use the Tomato Time System.

What is the Tomato Time System?

Well, your goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the utmost attention and mental clarity while compiling tasks.

It’s essentially 25 minutes of work, followed by a 15-minute break. You can use a timer or Tomato application to schedule sessions. You will be amazed at the results.

4. Schedule your distractions

“If you do not plan your life plan, it is likely that you fall into the floor and overcome other people you have planned for not much.” – JIM ROHN

In Tim Ferris’s book, “The 4-Hour Work Week,” explains how to set up a voicemail in your email account. The answering machine indicates to the sender who only checks e-mail between 11 am and 12 am and 4-5 pm every day if sent by e-mail outside these times.

The email explains that if it’s really important you can contact your colleague or phone directly.

This technique tells people who are not on their schedule and that their time has to be respected. Eban Pagan, a productivity producer, takes this step deliberately for a long time to respond to people again to train them on their schedule and should not be distracted.

5. Use the two-minute rule


In David Allen’s book “Taking Things Out” explains how this rule would turn its productivity.

It works because it is easy to follow and pulls your mind to stop procrastinating. It also helps to stop disturbing and mental disorder.

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So every time there is a task you see it takes 2 minutes to complete always do it. From now on. Jokes aside.

People read so many articles and listen to so many podcasts that rarely do. I want this to be different. Imagine how different your life is if you’ve followed these steps. He would have earned more money and had more fun enjoying it.

Initial procrastination is never as fun as a profoundly significant work.

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