Top 15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai


6. It is so hot that bus stops are conditioned

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

One thing to remember about Dubai is that it is covered in deception and keep in mind that winter can usually show as well as 73 ° F, the summer temperature is very hot and essential, what you can expect at the end of Spring is 86 ° F at night. That’s why we do not usually see many people in the city of Dubai and we do not really want to stay there. In general, living there to come and go as ventilated and cooled environments, each frequency attends the intense heat. I think that’s why we have a wide range of shopping centers and also because they have met these shuttles ventilated and chilled transport in a curiously exceptional natural way. This will require a charge that does not exist anywhere in the world in Dubai.

7. They make large artificial islands

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

Real estate in Dubai is very expensive because the city is growing more areas of the economy than the people are trying to stay in the Middle East paradise. Of course, prices are rising, since it is near the Gulf, but it is late, there may be a limit to the use of land, compared to the seemingly endless demand. Or is it? When wealthy real estate developers in Dubai 5 star hotels and expensive arrogant residential areas, to leave the place for construction, they decided to buy a small piece of land for the mother province. In this summary, how the Palm Old Project works This ambitious project of building three artificial islands of Dubai, Jumeirah Palm Beach, Palm Jable Ali and Deira Island have already been completed palm jiumaraha still only two of the three, while the rest is they owed after the financial crisis of 2008. Currently, Palm Jumeirah hosts more than 20,000 (very wealthy) and over 30 hotels.

8. Looking for a room for $ 30,000 per night?

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

The three-room suite has its own pool table, a hot tub in all bathrooms and a private staff with bar and dining room with its own personal butler and chef. If you’re in the mood for some reading before going to bed, you can control your own library, or perhaps prefer a massage in the massage room, where your own personal masseur awaits. Overall, if you are lucky this suite is very special, chances are you will really feel outside. After all, you will not have to pay the annual income of that average man at all.

9. Any type of adult content is strictly illegal

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai


Papers are banned in most Muslim countries and the UAE is no exception. Over 600,000 websites showing adult content have been blocked and the list is expanding at this time. The betting and dating websites are also illegal, but the stigma associated with these things is not so great. Possession and use of any vulgar material is a crime, it is better to take a break from the evil place when you are in Dubai. There are lots of fun things to do and places to go out, and although many people may not understand some of the cultural differences, they should at least try to respect them. Also, you do not want to be the guy who appears in court to download “Wet Latex Dreams 2.”

10. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

Many people are surprised by the lowest crime rate in the major cities of the world, but UAE has been ranked by the world’s third safest World Economic Forum next to Finland and Qatar. Compared with the United States, the probability of a person being stolen is 11 times lower in the US, the probability of being killed is 5 times, the probability of R * P decreasing is 18 times. The public transport system in Dubai has always reported a zero crime rate in the last eight years, which is not something you can expect to find anywhere else in the world.


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