Top 15 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai


11. The Dubai Mall is larger than the Vatican City

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

The multi-million dollar shopping center is actually the largest in the world, with a total area of over 5 million square feet, slightly larger than the world’s smallest sovereign state, the Vatican City. It has more than 1,200 stores and has been consistently named the most visited building in the world in 2011 when it attracted more than 54 million tourists, more than the entire city of New York or Los Angeles. The spacious mall has a total of 250 rooms, including 22 screen cinemas, more than 300 marine animals, 120 restaurants and cafes, and the most attractive buyers among many luxurious hotels. As if it were not enough, 2017 will bring back 1 million square meters for the already human building, as the first stage of its expansion, is destined to completion.

12. Kiss of your beloved in public could put you in jail

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

In Muslim tradition, all forms of manifestation of love between two persons are strictly prohibited and Dubai law follows this tradition. There are many cases of people who have spent a little time in jail for kissing on the street or in other public places. It is also illegal for people otherwise s * x who are not married to be alone, as in a hotel room. However, this is not really in practice, as the tourism industry is very powerful and many tourists are married couples. However, if you are traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it is best to refer to each other as “husband” and “woman” as this can help prevent problems.

13. The police have a fleet of luxury cars

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai


Everyone knows that Dubai luxury cars are the unofficial world capital. As more and more wealthy people were attracted to the city, police found that their normal cars would not be able to keep up if they were chasing a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. So in typical Dubai way, they left and bought some vehicles that can keep up with everything and everyone.His fleet appears in a fast and angry movie, Bugatti Ware contains Longorgini, Ferrari, McLaren, 2 million dollars. Basically, the work of a police officer in Dubai will be a dream of every nut as you run a supercar every day (and you can never get a ticket).

14. Have vending machines around

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

He left in a hurry this morning, and forgot his Lucky gold bars? No problem. The Gold To Go ATM in Dubai Mall solve the problem as it offers a wide range of gold bars with the click of a button. From a small 2.5-gram coin to an ounce bar, Since abundant Dubai knows that gold is always a good investment, unusual ATM has gained great success. If money is not yours, there is a vending machine for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, so you do not have to worry. The last thing you want in Dubai’s rapid life is the counter.

15. Some people are so rich that they simply forget their machines

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai

There is a car graveyard in Dubai which is full of luxury and exotic limousines. Apparently, some people would forget about the parking lots, so they could be there and pick up the dust until someone notified the authorities and drove him to the “cemetery”. For example, a car in the picture is more than a million dollars more than Ferrari Anzo, a person in the airport parking lot dropped. In a similar note, in 2015 passengers store $ 40,000 in cash in a room in Dubai airport purchase. Another fictitious story is about a taxi driver who found 8 bars of 9,000 dollars in the rear seat of his car. The man reported this discovery and the small fortune that found its way to the owner. It seems that the richer you get, the more you forget that you tend to be.


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