Top 5 Easy Ways Boost Your Creativity

boost your creativity

Creativity is a river. Sometimes it is slow and dumb like the lower Mekong. Sometimes it is covered in white like the Colorado River. These 5 Ways Help You Boost Your Creativity.

One of the biggest challenges facing creative people is learning to master the river of their own creativity. Just in case you have doubts, by the way, you are a creative person. It is part of the human being. Just because you’re not Michelangelo or Yo-Yo Ma, do not worry about thinking that means you’re not creative. Hey, who knows, maybe your unique brand of creativity will be the modern Sistine Chapel.

Creativity is a problem of motivation. It is to train the mind to master the river of creativity. Everything is good and good to get creative inspiration in the middle of the night, but it is much more useful when you can access during the day, such as when you work, painting, writing or creating.

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We went to a rebel group of poachers for advice on the exploitation of creativity. These people made the extraordinary decision to create their financial security over their art. They are free professionals. They work as graphic designers, writers, and composers. They have learned to be like river guides, navigate and rely on the creative flow to keep everything in their lives.

Do you need a change of perspective? Try to board a boat for a day. Yes, even a metaphorical one.

Any boat builder or freelancer, in this case, will tell you that the most important element of building a sound, the jar of the river, is to start getting the right engineering. A boat needs a helmet. In terms of creativity, this means structure. There are some motivational tricks that creatives can use to direct the river of creativity toward the most useful channels for them and their work.

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity

1. Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity: Compress your stress

Stress is one of the worst things for a healthy creative flow.

I’m not talking about good stress, like the pressure of an impending expiration, but the kind of stress that exaggerates the body and drops every aspect of your creative work. Chronic stress is the kind of stress that keeps you awake at night.

For those who are only responsible for managing their workload, this type of stress is often derived from not knowing how to rationalize the logistics day by day.

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Make the most of the applications and tools available. Here is a list of the best motivational apps out there. It’s sometimes as simple as marking an X on your calendar each day that you’ve reached a creative goal.

2. Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity: Make a program

Like it or not, humans are common creatures. When there is predictability in our programs, our thinking minds can relax and leave room for creativity to thrive.

A program should not be boring. One of my favorite graduating class guests was a young adult fiction author who slept regularly from 14 to 22 so he could spend all night writing indiscriminately in the cabin behind his house. She had to train her husband and friends around her unusual dream show, but she paid with star book sales.

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He is not alone in his night to write the ritual; The practice, it turns out, is quite popular and has benefited from many remarkable creatures over the years.

3. Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity: Learn from your competition

The process of exploiting your creative energy requires choice and choice when you spend it.

No matter what you are doing – whether you are looking to name yourself as a writer or pushing to sell home candles at the local craft market – start researching your competitors. You can learn a lot from your successes and failures. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

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The business development guru at Intuit has some great things to say about the operation and use of competitive analysis. In essence, it’s about taking note and finding your unique voice on the ball. If a candlestick has the corner of the beeswax candles, instead of opening a candle from the hive next to it, consider a slightly different angle, like the bloomed candles pressed.

There is no need to put all your creative energy into what people are; rather, listen to their competitors and take them where they went.

4. Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity: Let’s continue adventures

I would be discouraged not to mention the important role that adventure has in teaching and to motivate us to gain mastery of our creative processes. Travel, explore and leave our comfort zones from time to time as we are asked for our ability to exploit a level of creativity that only feels beyond our reach.

In every conversation about adventure, motivation and rivers, photographer and director, the short Wood Woodward of 2015 “The Great Places” comes to mind. The film was inspired by a poem that Woodward’s father wrote the year he was born. In response to poetry, Woodward has decided to take his 77-year-old father on a rafting trip down the Colorado River. And the movie.

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There is something so poignant about the sheer creative force behind the movie. Without the attention of an artist, the trip would be just another trip down the river. But this greater awareness of the photographer’s eye elevates the film to a work of art.

Creativity thrives on adventure.

5. Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity: Do not let yourself be covered

All too often, we are the only ones who prevent us from living the full creative life.

We blame not having enough time, too much responsibility, and a host of other things. The truth is that at that time, we usually just stopped believing in ourselves. Taking a new effort, half the battle is to believe that it is possible.

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Practically, regular meditation is one of the best tools for maintaining self-imposed limits. It’s amazing what a little bit of breathing and silence can do for the creative brain.

We should not think of ourselves as “nothing”. Creativity has no limits. Let creativity permeate every aspect of your life and it will look just the moment you need it most. With these tips at your disposal, you have all the accessories you need to navigate the creative river. Have fun and send all the photos along the way!


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