Unique Custom Rolls Royce Sweptail Sold For $13 Million

custom rolls royce sweptail

The most expensive car may have been there and made to measure Savaitatela Rice was announced recently sold by Rolls Royce, as a press release from the company? the product of a special and very excellent customer, a custom that has been there and has been presented to Rice Savitila costume people and recently has indicated Ilinasa compete Vila D cost of $ 13 million in East Italy.


If the value of 13 million dollars sesame SWAP right guesses, the car itself is the most going to borrow the expensive car, the next $ 10 million. This car is in response to Rolls-Royce road rolled by hand.

custom rolls royce sweptail

This is the custom functions is ready for the drawn two people with the idea of custom rolls Royce sweptail that is nowhere and the name “sweptail”.

Some praised the Rolls-Royce of the tail, which represents so much for the customer, said Rolls-Royce to work this function again on his only car. ”

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This unknown person is also known as racing yachts (as in the brass edges of the roof as the statue in some aspects of visual design). And according to Rolls-Royce, the rich man with this mystery is part of the merit of the fantastic final product: judgment ”

custom rolls royce sweptail

Drug addiction and custom Rolls Royce Sweptail have their smooth transparent glass roof. Allows the flow of natural light inside the car, it is recommended that you see that the interior is exuberant.

It is a machine and it will be a unique piece, and very appropriate, it also has two surprises, specially designed to measure the person who initiated it.

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There are two special editions for the briefcase that are designed for the owner of the laptop, but the center is a bit more than the background of the consonant.

Touch a button and use the console “customers’ favorite champagne – the year of his birth” and the two glass champagne flute bottles. Although we can prepare the most expensive vehicles in the future, this is a real challenge for this effect to be effective.


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