Top 15 Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

These Are The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires. Whether philosophically you, believe it or not, money and wealth actually dictate how the world works, and it has been since antiquity.

There have always been people in society who have owned much larger amounts than the vast majority of the wealth of the population, and with it wealth, people have almost always chosen to live a very luxurious lifestyle.

By 2016, the absolutely wealthiest individuals in society are its social class, known as the multimillion-dollar class, and it is such a small group that in a world with more than seven billion people that there are just over 1,800 members confirmed the Billionaire club.

There is a very common mistake, especially lately, that all billionaires are greedy individuals who frivolously spend money on extravagant and often unnecessary things, simply because they have no more wealth than anyone should have in life.

It is true that there are billionaires like this, but they are also the ones who donate large sums of money to charities and other philanthropic organizations to help people living in poverty.

That said, if a billionaire is a jerk or a beautiful human being, it does not depart from the fact that they pass obscene amounts of money on things that normal people would never be able to afford. Here is a list of the 15 of the most expensive purchase ever made by billionaires.

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These Top 15 Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires


  1. A parade

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

This is Also One Of The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires.

Everyone loves a parade, especially since it can be a lot of fun, so there are numerous parades taking place throughout North America, including the only annual one that is celebrated every Thanksgiving.

There is a kind of fashion show, even if only a few cities can enjoy a year, one dedicated exclusively to the winning teams of sports in the league. League legs are held in cities where MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA teams are the title of each. This type of show is always interesting for players, fans, and team owners.

Billionaire Mark Cuban is one of these owners, and when his Dallas Mavericks team won the NBA championship for the first time in 2011, he has paid about $ 1.2 million for the team’s parade. Costs for this parade include a bottle of champagne for athletes that was only $ 90,000, and also the parade staff cut an extra $ 20,000.

2. A submarine

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

Underwater versions have existed since the seventeenth century, but it was not until World War II that the vessel began to be widely used underwater.

Traditionally, submarines would be considered as part of a country’s naval power, but many submarines are effectively used by civilians to do things like scientific research, rescue operations and exploration of the sea or the sea.

This is Also One Of The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires.

James Cameron has directed some of the most iconic films in film history, including Titanic and Avatar, and because of these films, has a net worth of nearly $ 1.8 billion. What many people do not know Cameron, however, is that he enjoys marine biology and diving expeditions, so he bought his own submarine operated by a man who goes out whenever he wants.

The submarine is known as Depth Challenger. Despite having Cameron’s most successful director for submarines like this, it’s a good thing to buy about $ 1.5 million to buy.

3. A Pen

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

There was a time when the written word was written using a different method of a touch screen or keyboard and this method often involved the use of a pen or a pencil. The pen has been used for centuries in written form and has come in multiple forms, whether it is a road, a leg or a variety of sphere mainly used.

When most people need to buy a pen, they bought a full package at local stores and Wal Marts in a few dollars, but there are some types of material. I will approve.

This is Also One Of The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires.

The Goldsmith Jack Row Pen (pictured) is an incredibly expensive pen that is studded with 0.90 karat gold diamonds that are blank; It also has an inner cylinder in silver sterling silver with the value of 22 karat gold. As nice as it sounds, it’s hard to believe that a normal person would buy a pen that costs more than $ 43,000.

4. Collars for dogs

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

As many animals love the world around the world, many people have one or more pets in the house, and there is a common dog of dogs.

Thanks to the reproduction, dogs come in many sizes and colors, and with a dog, usually, a faithful companion that you can walk and play outdoors you get, And they also try to defend it if they feel you and your family are in danger.

This is Also One Of The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires.

Something that every home needs for your dog are a necklace, so you can properly leap outdoors, and other people to identify if your dog never loses; This applies to owners of millionaire dogs too, but sometimes they buy necklaces that are too extravagant and expensive.

With $ 3.2 million, Amour, Amour dog collar (pictured) is the most expensive necklace you can see, and for good reason, because the necklace is made of crocodile leather, but what actually makes it Expensive is the fact that it comes with 1,600 diamonds, including a 7-carat center, which is all configured in white gold.

5. Razor

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires

We have all excess bodily hairs on our faces, legs, arms, chests, shoulders, or even in our nose and ears. For the most part, people do not like having all excess body hair, so we have specific hair shaving for centuries after knife and razor knife invention.

In 2016, most people use razors to shave, either electric or standard, and the prices of both razors vary from a few dollars to a few hundred. There are some dining shades, while for the richest, people who want to feel stylish and beard.

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At $ 100,000, the Razor Sapphire (photo) is the world’s most expensive shaving tool and one of the rarest, since apparently they were made only 99. This razor is made of stainless steel and sporting medical-grade papers made Artificial sapphire and an iris handle (similar to platinum metal).

This is Also One Of The Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By Billionaires.


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