Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Concentration

Tips to Boost Your Concentration

We’ve all had that frantic moment when our fire and our volunteer force seem to fail. You have to concentrate – that great examination or project work is due tomorrow and if you do not finish it now, you are condemned. Calm. Breathe. Here are ten ways to increase your concentration capacity.

10 Tips to Boost Your Concentration

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Resume again

That night at night, Netflix bombs are not concentrating on any flavor. You can not expect to be able to concentrate if you fall asleep. It is very important to have 7-9 hours of restful sleep before you can wake up and be productive.

All this is quite explanatory, but if you want to become truly scientific, there are many sleep monitoring applications that can control the regular rhythms in your dream and wake up in a time window of your choice.

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Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Decide where to concentrate

It is impossible to concentrate if you do not know what you have to focus on. Take the time to work out an action plan, whether it’s a list of tasks or a list of simple steps to complete a larger project. Even if you feel like a waste of time at the beginning, it will save you a lot of time on the road.

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Turn off your distractions

I do not care what distracts you – just for now. Turn off the phone. Make a vote not to check your email until you’re done. Block Facebook if needed. You’ll thank me later.

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Get proper background noise

Anyone who has had to study in a shared place with a weeping child (hello, every single plane I’ve ever traveled) or happy party companions happy knows how to destroy some background noise. On the other hand, try to work in a completely quiet room and you can quickly find it crazy. It may be difficult to find a balance between distraction and a level of noise motivation.

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Personally, I think listening to classical and instrumental music is as good as I write – music with words is too disturbing when I’m trying to build my thoughts. But maybe working with music is not for you. In this case, white noise is always a great choice, such as RainyMood (hot rainfall sound) or Coffeetivity (always relaxing local coffee). Or you can simply go to your local store. This also works.

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Do it now

Right now. Not after lunch. Not tomorrow. Not next week. If you have a dreaded task, dealing with it will be a great deal of concentration. Imagine: Once done, you will no longer have to worry about doing this anymore.

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Motion

I see you’re getting milk. What if, instead of being so caffeinated, your heart starts to compete, did you take a quick walk around the block, or at least around your building? When it is based on caffeine, it creates a tolerance and expectations in which the body needs the drug to feel focused. But the cardio is free and awakens other regions of your brain.

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Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Eating by concentration

Slow feeling? Believe it or not, it may be because of what you have for breakfast or lunch. According to the Society for Neuroscience, nuts and blueberries help to keep and even reverse the aging of the brain. Spinach and carrots are also energy foods. Make sure you eat organic to get the full benefits of increased nutrients. And if you like sushi, you’re

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Get hydrated

Do you feel a little difficulty focusing on? It can mean that you are dehydrated. And this does not apply only when you are thirsty – at least a drop of 1.5% of your usual water volume can negatively affect your concentration. Next time you have to concentrate, avoid dehydration by drinking a glass of water in advance.

Tips to Boost Your Concentration: Breath

The deep breathing sensation – where you actually listen to your breath as you enter and leave your body – is excellent for your concentration. If you focus on the way you breathe, it will automatically slow down and allow you more power of thought.

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Tips to Boost Your Concentration: See with new eyes

Completely perplexed? Maybe you’ve looked at your problems for too long. Take a moment to actually look. Try to see the subject with new eyes, as if looking at it for the first time, or if I was a stranger. You can notice things that would otherwise be lost.

Concentration is not a state achievable as a Zen that few of us reach. Combining the simple tricks described above, you prepare for success.


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